Designing New Garden Products

An introduction to designing new garden products.

Taking care of a garden is a highly rewarding activity. Those who own a garden or house plants often talk about the peace of mind it brings them. But they also complain about the many difficulties they face. Designing new garden products is a great opportunity for innovative minds to create ideas for new garden products that hopefully, one day, will bloom.

Garden product design: Where to begin.

At D2M we have over 10 years experience designing new garden products. We know it is a very exciting adventure but also more complex than it seem. Having a great idea is just the spark that initiates the process.

So, how do we start designing new garden products?


Viability assessment of the product idea

Not every idea one thinks about is actually achievable. This is why it is important to assess the viability of the product, taking into account the technical and financial aspects of it. It is important to take a step back from the initial excitement and make these considerations about your new garden product idea.

1. Does your new garden product idea fulfil a real need?
2. Who would need or want to buy this product (potential market)?
3. Can you patent or protect the product through intellectual property?
4. Does a similar garden product already exist? If so, who is your competitor?
5. Why is your new garden product idea different?
6. Will you need to use an already existing technology for your product to work?
7. How much does that technology cost?
8. What is the budget to produce the new garden product and how much time will it take?
9. With all the previous information, what will be the estimated price?

In order to answer all these questions based on data you can bring in a team of professionals. At D2M we are experienced designers and we provide insightful assessment on the viability of designing new garden products. You can contact us now here.

Innovation Workshop
commercial viability risk

Concept design of a new garden product

Great! Your new garden product idea is viable. Now the fun part of designing new garden products begins. During this next step our creative team at D2M will help you conceptualise and detail your idea, in order to bring it to life.

Our team of designers have all the skills and passion required to make your idea into the best new garden product possible.

These are the basic steps to garden product design:

1. The Research: It is important to research the technologies and materials necessary, as well as any similar products that might already exist.
2. The Sketching: Using fast techniques, the designers give a basic idea of that the product will look like.
3. Product Styling: Using the previous sketches the team works on giving proper shape to the product, starting to think about materials and overall appearance.
4. Design for Visualisation: This is a more specific part of the project in which designers try to achieve a more visual model. The objective is usually to get useful feedback from potential buyers and attract financial investments.

Design for prototyping

The aim of the new garden product design process is to develop a detail CAD model (a computer 3D visualization).
Once the appearance, materials and functionality of the garden product are summarized, the creative team can create a digital 3D model. This model will help visualize and review the product before actually creating the prototype, therefore saving a lot money.

early stage prototype

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