Garden Product Manufacturing​

An introduction to commercialising new bags.

Congratulations, you are almost there! Manufacturing new garden products is the last step in the project before you can start selling them and earning a profit. This step can be long, complex and sometimes even frustrating but it is also very exciting to start seeing your idea come to life.

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In order to start producing your new garden product it will be necessary to partner with a factory. You want a company that can deliver the highest cost savings but at the same time you need to take into account the quality of the product.

Our team at D2M are prepared to offer suggestions on manufacturers that adjust to your project’s needs and we have partnerships with companies both in the UK and the Far East.

Producing new garden products in the UK

You can choose to manufacture your garden product idea in the UK. There are some advantages to this option. For example it will be easier to negotiate the terms with the factory because there won’t be a language barrier. You can also research the reputation of the factory easily and ensure they satisfy your standards.

However you have to take into account that some types of products are not produced in the UK. It won’t be possible to find a factory in the UK to produce consumer electronics or textile-based products, for example. And the cost of producing in the UK is often higher.

Garden product production in the Far East.

Selecting a factory in the Far East could be a solution for producing your new garden product. With this option you will probably get a more competitive price but you will also have to deal with the language barrier, the costs of shipping and duty rates.

In this case is very useful to partner with a sourcing agent. This person will be the one responsible for communications negotiating with the factory and therefore the one to insure that everything in the manufacturing of the new garden product goes according to plan.

If you want to know more about sourcing agents and the manufacturing process just click here.

How to make a product quality control
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Sampling is a very important part of the garden product production process. This is when you have one or very few units of the product made before actually starting mass producing it. Sampling your garden product allows you to test the quality of the product and change the production specifications if needed.


The sampling process will end with a “gold sample”. Every product produced will be measured against this sample so make sure that, before production starts, every single detail of the gold sample is checked.


Sampling is not the same as prototyping. You create the prototype to test the product but you create the samples to test the factory.


With a textile-based product you might change some elements of the samples like colours, quality of the materials or the stitching technique. You will be charged for the samples but it won’t be much compared to making the changes once production has started.


For garden products made of plastic or metal, it might be necessary to create mould tools for the samples. This expense is necessary to achieve the best quality product and our recommendation is that you choose a UK company to create your tools.

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