Product Development for Businesses

We partner with small to medium size businesses to support them developing new products or re-design their existing products.

  • Why partner with D2M?

    D2M establishes long lasting partnerships with SMEs who often return to us with more products they want to develop. Whether you need to increase your profit margin in production, innovate in a new area or you’re simply looking to re-style your products, we can be business partners. We have over a decade of experience helping SME’s.

Some of the great companies we've worked with...

  • Improve your profit margins

    Anyone who has a company that sells products will know how important profit margin is. Whether you’re selling branded white label products or products that you’ve designed yourself, one of the factors that can make the biggest difference to your bottom line is the cost of manufacture. Just a couple of pounds difference in the manufacture costs can make a huge difference to your margins. We have successfully helped many businesses maximise their ROI in development and growth whilst minimising their risk and expenditure. So how do you go about reducing these costs and boosting your profit margins? Click here to find out more.

  • Increase the value of your IP

    D2M has helped many businesses over the years increase the value of their IP through innovation and product refinement. By developing your IP further and working with us to refine your product to the best it can be, is an excellent way to add a lot of value to your product and business. We are innovation specialists and passionate about developing and finding the right the solutions that work best for your business needs and help you increase profits that will make a difference to your business.

  • Managing your risk

    D2M can help your business to manage its risk through the development process. We will always be open with you about whether we think you should push ahead with a project. We sense check through feasibility assessments, commercial viability reporting and market feedback to ensure that the end result will be beneficial for your business. Over the years we have developed a wide network of trusted service providers in manufacturing, IP, branding and marketing and you will gain access to this network to help support you in other areas of development. We know how important it is to keep board members happy and we provide comprehensive proposals and reports through the project to ensure spending and results can be monitored. We are here to support you.

  • Multiple prototype opportunities

    We are able to produce multiple prototypes for our clients so they can test them in the intended environment and get a sense of how they’ll be used. Our clients can test the functionality of the prototype with an actual user in a real situation. We can use feedback from the client and the users, to improve and refine the user experience of the prototype. If any adjustments need to be made, we can work proficiently to make the adjustments and showcase the new prototype to the client. This iterative and collaborative process leads to more successful design solutions.

Multiple Prototypes
  • Grants and funding

    At D2M we have extensive knowledge of a wide range of innovation grant, investment and loan schemes which are available for small and medium sized businesses. We can support you through grant applications, by providing the information you need to secure the finance for your product development plans.

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