Prove your Product Idea FIRST!

Prove your Idea first

Are you looking to develop a new product and bring it to market? In this article, we’ll share the importance of proving the effectiveness and commercial viability of your product before investing significant resources in its development. Through real-life case studies, we’ll explore the dangers of not properly assessing a product’s feasibility and the benefits […]

The must-have guide to validating ideas

validating an idea

The must-have guide to validating ideas Everything you need to know about validating your product idea. Do you have a product idea that you think could change the game, but you’re not sure if it’s worth investing time and resources into? We recorded an exclusive podcast and wrote a pdf handbook, that teaches you D2M’s […]

How to turn your idea into a product

How to turn your idea into a product

Do you have a brilliant idea for a new product but are unsure how to take it from an idea to reality? Although product development is a costly and time-intensive process, every great invention was created by someone who confidently believed in their idea and decided to persevere until it came to fruition.  With platforms […]

Product Innovation Starter Pack

Product Innovation Starter Pack

Having worked with hundreds of Start-Ups and SMEs we’ve learned a thing or so about getting a project off to the right start! This bundle of resources brings together four essentials to give your project the best chance of success. Don’t miss out on this invaluable guide to getting started with developing a new product! […]

Why 90% of New Product Ideas Fail… And How to Avoid It

product idea fails

Why 90% of New Product Ideas Fail… And How to Avoid It Estimates suggest that around 90% of new products do not reach the market. Sadly, this disappointment could have been prevented if innovators had taken the time to validate their ideas before going ahead with them. In this blog post, I’ll discuss how you […]

Creating the Perfect Licensing Presentation

product presentation

Using Donor Products to Create Your Product Start-Ups make this mistake all the time. They write a presentation about their great new idea (for a potential investor, buyer or prospective licensor) and they start talking about the details of how it works. Don’t do this! Start your presentation with how this can benefit the other […]

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