Designing Products with ChatGPT and Midjourney

An AI robot thinking about product design

Let’s delve into the cutting-edge intersection of AI and product design. At D2M, our journey has been marked by over two decades of innovation, creativity, and collaboration, including notable partnerships with retail giants like John Lewis. Our focus has shifted towards integrating AI technologies like ChatGPT and Midjourney into product design. Inspired by our insights […]

Why AI Won’t Replace the Product Designer

An AI robot next to a human

In the constantly evolving landscape of technology and design, whether AI can replace human creativity, particularly in product design, is a topic of significant debate. Phil Staunton, a seasoned design agency leader with over 12 years of experience, has recorded an insightful video addressing this subject. This article distils the main ideas from his video, […]

The HUGE Issue with using AI for Product Design

An AI robot looking to camera

At D2M, our exploration of AI in product design is a journey filled with learning and adaptation. While AI offers exciting possibilities, integrating it alongside traditional design methods presents unique challenges. Our approach is not about replacing human creativity but enhancing it with AI’s capabilities. As we navigate these new waters, we encounter challenges that […]

The Importance of a Clear Project Brief

Product design specification meeting

Why having a Detailed Product Design Specification at the outset of a project can makes all the difference to the success or failure of your project. Product design is a crucial aspect of a successful business. A well-designed product can attract customers, create brand loyalty, and differentiate itself from competitors. It is the first point […]

AI for Product Design & Rendering

An illustration of an AI robot looking at product design on a laptop

Integrating AI in product design marks a revolutionary shift in how we approach creativity and innovation. At D2M, we’re at the forefront of this transformation, harnessing the power of AI to redefine the process of product development and visualisation. AI, mainly through advanced tools like MidJourney, has opened new horizons for us all. It’s not […]

New Product Development – The Solution your Supply Chain Uncertainty

A factory in a supply chain

Why Businesses Need to Develop New Products Are you already selling products, but looking to take control of your supply chain, and secure the future growth of your business? If so, you’ve come to the right place! When businesses rely on external suppliers, they face various challenges that can impact their operations and bottom line. […]

Product Development Strategy – Crafting Success with Customer Feedback

View of someones hands holding a phone looking at reviews

Is your business sitting on a goldmine of customer feedback, waiting to be harnessed effectively for the development of a market-leading product that surpasses competitors? Customer feedback often remains an untapped resource, yet it should be the cornerstone of your product development strategy. Even if you don’t have feedback from your own existing product range, […]

The product design process: 5 crucial steps – in action

The product design process being explored by the D2M team.

Have a look around you. Every product you see has gone through a product design process – that chair, those shoes, this computer or phone. You might be thinking: ‘But my product is unique, shouldn’t my product design process be unique too?’ While your product may be one-of-a-kind, the core principles of a good design […]

Product Development Strategy – Your Guide From Start-Up to Scale-Up

Example of results of the right product development strategy

You have a groundbreaking idea that could revolutionise an industry or change how people live, work, or play. Success seems just within reach. But then, reality sets in. Despite the brilliance of your concept, you lose momentum—all because of a lack of the right product development strategy. This is a reality many start-ups face, and […]

How to Use a Product Design Specification to Maximise Your Chances of Success

Creating a product design specification with open book and colour samples

Preparing Your Product Blueprint At D2M we understand what it takes to propel your innovative ideas from concept to market with speed whilst managing your risk. An important step in this journey is developing a product design specification, as this helps you to ensure that every unit is made to exact standards — and that […]

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