The rucksack problem: when you wear your old rucksack, the person behind you can get into it better than you can. That might be fine up a mountain or on a gentle afternoon walk; but this is unnerving in a densely populated city where 96% of commuters travel alone on a daily basis.

6% of commuters in the RiutSurveys this summer reported that they had experienced theft on their commute. However, 60% were concerned about theft on a daily basis. That’s a lot of worry on a daily basis. Riut’s main goal is to give you peace of mind. Have a revolution in user thinking. Travel calm, safe and positive with a RiutBag.



Sarah’s unique approach to developing the bag, every detail has been thoroughly examined, explored and referred back to user research. Our textiles team has worked very closely with her to create three prototypes out of which the form and function of the Riut bag has emerged. Fabrics and sewing techniques have been painstakingly selected to ensure that the bag is of the highest quality and can endure the hard wear that comes from the daily commute. To find out more about the processes that Sarah and our textiles team went through, visit Sarah’s blog here: Riutbag Blog


The final prototype of RiutBag is poised ready for production and is currently on kickstarter to gain key funding for the next stage of the development process. After only one week it reached its funding target and the amount is rising all the time.  The campaign is due to finish on the 27th November. It received a sought after “staff pick” on Kickstarter on day one, so if you want to know what a really great kickstarter campaign looks like, check this out: RiutBag Campaign. Once the funding has come through, our team will be working with Sarah to order the first production run from our suppliers in China.

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