Bag Flag

Bag Flag
Bag Flag Designed By D2M


After a short trip to a famous car museum in Stuttgart, Germany, leaving the museum with a branded Flag placed in a plain white non-branded Bag – the BagFlag idea was born! Millions of Bags and Flags are sold globally each year, both in promotional and retail market sectors. BagFlag combines these two very effective promotional devices into one simple, easy to use product. D2M innovation was commissioned to create a 3D CAD model of the concept and to ensure that the design was incredibly cost effective to manufacture.


Various concepts were considered that combined strength, rigidity and cost effective use of polymer. These concepts were reviewed and a final concept taken forward into prototyping. Once we had a physical model further design development was possible to refine the concept for manufacture and minimise material usage. Several mark 2 prototypes were produced and the client used these for presentations.


From there the client has pursued and achieved an effective licensing arrangement and the product website was launched:

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