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About the Author: Phil has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, start-ups and a good number of SMEs to bring their new product ideas to life. Trained originally as a product designer, Phil has run innovation team for the last 15 years and even developed and launched his own product gaining a listing in John Lewis. With all this experience, there’s little he hasn’t seen or personally experienced in the challenging journey of new product development. In order to pass on this wisdom and help companies better succeed in their own product aspirations, Phil has written hundreds of articles, several e-books and also these informative, easy to understand quick how to guides.

Product Design Guide

Designing a Product

This guide covers the early stage idea development using rapid sketching and basic computer aided design.

concept to launch

Making a Product

Manufacturing a product presents unique challenges and this guide seeks to give an overview as to what to expect.

Idea to Business

Idea to Business

There is lots more to developing a new idea than just the product development. This guide takes you through more of the business side of things.

Designing a Bag

Idea To Product

An overview of the process from initial idea to the finished product. Provide a good starting place for entrepreneurs with new product ideas.

Developing a Product

How to develop a product considering your target market, commercial considerations and route to market.

5 Electronics Integration

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New to Product Innovation?

Explore our product development resources and learn where to begin developing your new product idea.

Start your Journey

Discover how we can help you to develop your new product, from creating a prototype to sourcing a manufacturer.

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