The Importance of a Clear Project Brief

Product design specification meeting

Why having a Detailed Product Design Specification at the outset of a project can makes all the difference to the success or failure of your project. Product design is a crucial aspect of a successful business. A well-designed product can attract customers, create brand loyalty, and differentiate itself from competitors. It is the first point […]

Hiring a Product Design Consultancy

senior designer

Hiring A Product Design Consultancy Definitive guide to the critical elements in hiring a product design consultancy to develop your product. Hiring a product design consultancy is a great way to start creating products customers truly love. But what do you need to think about before commissioning the right design agency for your business and […]

Our Start-Up Journey

Selling a product

Our Start-Up Journey Developing a New Product We’ve been there (and got the T-Shirt) so we can better support you successfully launch your product idea. Unlike other firms we’ve designed, prototyped, produced, launched and marketed our own product so we fully appreciate the journey you are about to embark upon! I love a great new […]

Design for your customer

Man showing woman a design on a screen

When designing a product, getting caught up in your ideas and opinions can be all too easy. However, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is to sell your product to a broad audience. To do this, it’s crucial to design with your customers in mind. In this article, we’ll share why you should […]

What to do if you have a product idea

What to do if you have a product idea

Picture it: you’ve had your lightbulb moment. You have a great idea for a fantastic product, and it’s going to save people a lot of time, money, or just make their lives better. Your product is going to be awesome. Does this sound like you? Nothing compares to the excitement we get when we have […]

Our Start-Up Story. Concept to John Lewis Launch

product launch

Having designed multiple pushchairs and around 30 other products in the nursery sector, we had built up global contacts, suppliers and distributors. I have three young boys, who at the time had just moved out of the buggy stage. My wife and I had been through four different pushchairs, each of which was rubbish in […]

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