Golf Product Prototyping

An introduction to prototyping new golf products.

A very important step of the development process is prototyping new golf products and at D2M we are more than ready to help you with your project. Our experience team will aid you in determining the appearance, usability and the design for production of your new golf product.

The more complex products usually need 2 or 3 prototypes before being ready for production, while more simple items can be prototyped 4 or 5 times. Keep on reading if you want to learn everything about prototyping new golf products.

Creating a golf product prototype is one of the most important steps of the product development process. Although it can consume more time and money than other stages, it will also help you prevent many problems in the production stage and save some money later on.

These are 6 reasons why creating a new golf product prototype is a vital step:   

  1. With a prototype you can find usability problems early.
  2. You can make the product more interesting and efficient by testing the prototype.
  3. Fixing problems with the product is much easier during the prototyping process than later in production.
  4. With a prototype, you can more easily convince the necessary people to invest in your product.
  5. Your potential clients will be able to make commentaries and suggestions before you start mass production.
  6. A prototype is a very useful tool to create social media content and start creating an interest in your product.

At D2M we have over 10 years experience prototyping new golf products and we would love to hear about your project. Just click here now to contact us.

Prototyping parts

There are several ways to classify the types of prototypes, depending to the materials used to build them, the purpose they fulfil or the resemblance to the final product:

Low fidelity golf product prototype

The cheapest and quickest type of prototype is a low fidelity one. This type of prototype can only be used to test the main basic functions of the product and give a general sense of the shape and size. They can be useful but if the golf product is complex, it won’t be possible to find every problem with a low fidelity prototype.

Medium fidelity golf product prototype

A medium fidelity prototype is a more accurate representation of the final product but it doesn’t include details.  We create this type of golf product prototype when the team and the client have agreed on the key aspects of the product.

It is a more expensive kind of prototype but it is very useful to refine the final production design.

High fidelity prototypes

This kind of prototype is the most expensive one because it is built to resemble in every way possible the final product. We use materials very similar and almost identical finishes. This type of golf product prototype provides with a very accurate feel of the final product but also gives useful information on time and cost for the production process. Typically, we would only make one high fidelity prototype.

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