Developing Lighting Products

Designing, prototyping and manufacturing lighting products.

Developing a new lighting product from scratch to production readiness can be an uphill task. Designing the product, integrating the electronics, sourcing manufacturers, and selling your product requires expert guidance and D2M is here to the rescue. Let us partner with you when developing your very own lighting product. Lighting products come in varying forms and specifications. It is important to define what your concept is and establish what makes your new innovation unique.

This article incorporates the essential processes required in getting your concepts to the market. Read on!

Designing New Lighting Products

Designing a new electronic lighting product is a great space to innovate in. Lighting products can be designed for multiple purposes including, lamps, headlights, lighting accessories, torches, stage lights, medical lights the list is endless! The design process includes knowing and establishing the product requirements and producing a detailed concept development strategy in order to achieve the best outcome for your product.

When designing your product, it is beyond important to keep it simple. We know you want to make the best products with so many awesome features but less is more! Always think of a minimum viable product.

The design phase requires a lot of expertise and technical know-how. D2M has a highly experienced team of senior product designers to guide you in designing your new lighting product.

Prototyping Lighting Products

After designing your new lighting product, bringing it to life in a prototype is next. Prototype is an early version of a product that can be improved upon to further evolve the final product. Generally speaking, designing the PCB prototype should be created before developing the exterior casing.

D2M can help transform your designs and Computer Aided Design  into a three-dimensional prototype to attract possible investors and customers. 

Manufacturing Lighting Products

Having gone through the prototype testing, debugging and adjustment, your new lighting product can now be manufactured. Listen and adhere to relevant advice that helps reduce your cost of production while maintaining high quality. We source manufacturers and also consult with our trusted manufacturing partners on product feasibility in the early stage to reduce development costs, pitfalls and timescales. 

Selling a Lighting Product

Seeing your new lighting products being manufactured is a proud moment but getting strong monthly sales is rewarding and highly gratifying! If you want to reduce the costs, starting a crowdfunding campaign might be a good option, as well as considering selling your product through Amazon. D2M can help you create a sales pitch and connect you with our contacts in the industry.

Design For Prototyping
concept to launch
Design Engineering

Lighting Product Design Case Studies

Below are just a few of the different lighting products that we have designed and prototyped. We also source manufacturers and can guide our clients through to tooling and production, if required. 

Do you have any innovative lighting product ideas?

Getting an idea now and then is okay but going through the process of developing your new concepts from ideas to finished products can seem daunting.

Having worked on about 500 projects, you can be confident in D2M to help with turning your innovative ideas to actual three-dimensional finished products.

At D2M, we pay so much attention to developing a design that poses minimal risk while maximizing your chances of success. We also make sure that your idea is protectable with the help of our dependable and efficient patent attorney partners. If you’re ready to develop your new lighting product, take the first bold step and contact D2M today.

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