Design for Manufacture

Detailed development for the specific production processes and materials that will be used to make your product in volume.

Finalising the detail for production

During this stage the designer should review the assembly design part by part to see if any components can be eliminated or combined with another.  Working with the manufacturer, the designer should determine the theoretical minimum quantity of parts required for the assembly. By listing out all the components in the assembly, including hardware, fittings and off the shelf components. Then the following questions should be asked:

  • Can the part be manufactured using the same material as other parts?
  • Can the part be combined without adding any costly process or tooling?
  • If combined with another part, how does that impact ease of assembly?
  • Is there any other reason that the parts couldn’t be combined with another, i.e. it has to move.

Through reduction of component part quantities it may also be possible to reduce the amount of hardware and the complexity of assembly. 

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We work differently from a lot of design firms, by including the manufacturer very early on in the process, to ensure that their experience of production can inform the design throughout the development process. For us, Design for Manufacture doesn’t start when the design work is done, it is an integral part of the process, ensuring faster development schedules are achievable and an easier transition into production.

Once design for manufacture is complete, it’s time to move into tooling, sampling and the final phase of the development journey. Read more about producing a product in volume.

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