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For the second year running, as an award-winning design consultancy in baby product innovation, we are hosting an event at the Harrogate Nursery Fair. The evening promises a unique opportunity for distributors and retail buyers to get a first glimpse at the next generation of innovative nursery products yet to hit the market.

We believe that if you are designing products in a particular sector then you should understand that sector in some depth. It is particularly important to know what sells, why people buy particular products and what is appealing to the retail buyers when considering a new product. As such we have concertedly and deliberately build up a great network of buyer and distributor contacts in the Mother and Baby sector – just one of the reasons that D2M is considered one of the leading design agencies for developing nursery products. Contact us today to discussing progressing your new baby product innovation.

This year we are hosting an event in the Royal Hall of the Harrogate International Centre on Wednesday 29th March at 5.30pm. We sincerely hope you will be able to join us, meet the entrepreneurs behind some exceptional new ideas and discuss potential partnerships in anticipation of forthcoming manufacture and launch.

Please RSVP according to the attached invitation and we look forward to seeing you there. (RSVP address on the graphic below.

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