New Product Development – The solution to your product returns nightmare?

Someones hands drawing product designs in the product development stage

As a small business owner in the UK, you understand the importance of providing high-quality products to your customers. However, even the best products can be returned for various reasons, and high product return rates can be a major challenge for small businesses. They can lead to reduced profits, wasted resources, and damage to the […]

Design to Manufacture – The Indispensable Role of Professional Product Designers

A professional product designer working on a project

Small businesses selling physical products frequently question whether directly approaching a factory for design execution of a new product idea is adequate. They may view a product designer’s role as primarily concerned with the aesthetic aspect of a product and wonder if potentially expensive design fees can be avoided! However, as we delve into our […]

New Product Development – The Solution your Supply Chain Uncertainty

A factory in a supply chain

Why Businesses Need to Develop New Products Are you already selling products, but looking to take control of your supply chain, and secure the future growth of your business? If so, you’ve come to the right place! When businesses rely on external suppliers, they face various challenges that can impact their operations and bottom line. […]

Product Development Strategy – Crafting Success with Customer Feedback

View of someones hands holding a phone looking at reviews

Is your business sitting on a goldmine of customer feedback, waiting to be harnessed effectively for the development of a market-leading product that surpasses competitors? Customer feedback often remains an untapped resource, yet it should be the cornerstone of your product development strategy. Even if you don’t have feedback from your own existing product range, […]

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