Start-Ups Guide to Product Development

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If you’re a start-up company looking to develop your first physical product then this video is for you! A quick overview of the process involved when developing a new product as a start-up and why D2M are the right agency for you.

Start-Ups Guide to Product Development | 3 Min Overview

Hi there, this video is all about how to develop a new product idea if you are a start-up. Now obviously that’s a long and complicated process and this is just a three-minute video, but this gives you an overview and if you want more detailed information do check out my YouTube channel which has got a lot more longer, more in-depth videos about the different stages that you’ll go through.

So, maybe you are a start-up and you have a fantastic new idea but you just don’t know what to do next and how to get that from where you are now to a product that’s ready to go to market. You probably got loads of questions and this video should help to give you a good understanding of what the process generally will involve.

So, now just to introduce myself quickly I’m phil I run a product design company between me and my team we’ve developed hundreds of ideas over the last 12 years anything from textile products through to fully functioning golf trolleys with all the folding mechanisms and all the electronics and motors that go with that as well. So we have a huge wide range of experience and we’ve even taken our own product to market which we launched with John Lewis about five years ago here it is the Ark Push Chair.

So, we’ve got really good knowledge, we know what we’re doing, and we’ve taken product right the way through into manufacture so, using all of that what we’ve done is to put together a good overview of the process and you can see that in this slide here and that goes through all the different steps you’re likely to need for your product development and we’re going to talk through those.

So, initially you start off with the brainstorming the feasibility understanding your target market and pulling all of that into a detailed design brief from there you’re going to need to look at choosing the right product design agency and then they will start working with you on your concept work. Then you’ll probably go through into computer-aided design development and then prototyping. Now, often this is an iterative process, and you might go through three or four different rounds of prototype to get the product as good as you need it to be and I suggest you do lots of testing, lots of market research as part of that process to make sure that what you’re developing is right for your target market. Once you’ve got all that right then we can start looking at the manufacturing side of things which involves sourcing a manufacturer, looking at the commercial price point of your product and final engineering when necessary. Then from there you can press go on your first production run

So, obviously that’s a really quick overview as I said at the beginning do check out this link here for more videos about the process or get in touch with me for a free consultation and I’ll help you plan the development of your new product.

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