Minimum Viable Product Approach to Product Design

Minimum Viable Product

Watch this video to understand how to develop an idea using a minimum viable product approach.

Always Design a Minimum Viable Product 

Riut Backpack Case Study

Video Transcript

So, this is a very brief case study of how one of our clients has done a great job of ensuring she’s launched a minimum viable product (MVP). The client is called Sarah and the product is the Riut backpack and she launched her product with us probably about 6 years ago now. 

She focused very much on her key, one, unique selling point (USP) and that was it’s the most secure backpack on the market because it had all the zips against the users back so it was much harder for someone to steal out of particularly in a crowded space or busy city. 

By focusing on that she got her product to market much more rapidly ad she had a much clearer marketing message than if she developed everything that she thought of and all the new ideas. 

Once she launched her product and she was very successful on kickstarter, and her first production run was 1300 units. She then surveyed all of those users her were using her product all over the world ad got all of her feedback and she put that into her next generation of Riut backpack.

She’s used this model successfully now and surveyed users every time, to continue to develop the product her users want and with all their good ideas as well, not just the product she wanted. 

This has gone really well, she has 9 different products on the market and is on version 5 of the original back pack. 

Benefits of Designing a MVP
• Minimises your risk by reducing development costs
• Quicker to launch & therefore to return on investment
• Development of early relationship with customers
• A better understanding of customer’s needs
• Clarity of focus reduces time committed to development
• Prevents risk of unnecessary or unwanted features
• Flexible approach allows for constant updates

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