Guide To Manufacturing A New Product

D2M are one of the UK’s leading Product designers and over the years have gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge in product design and manufacturing.  The team at D2M have put together a complete guide on how to manufacturer a new product overseas or at home.

This is where your product really comes to life! It can be exciting, daunting, frustrating and infuriating all in one day. But with a cool head and some expert guidance your product will be manufactured correctly and you’ll be one big step closer to profiting from your idea.

You are not the first entrepreneur following this path. You will probably make some mistakes during this process. Learn from these, be reactive and don’t give-up! Depending on the type of product you may have to produce your goods in a foreign country to get a more competitive price. Duty rates, shipping costs cultural issues and communication all become challenges to overcome.

You will need organisation and patience. Your product has never been so close to the market. But prepare yourself to have to a few hiccups along the way!

The guide identifies 18 main stages of work from investigating compliance to the delivery of the product to the buyer that you are likely to progress through.

  • 01- Compliances
  • 02 – CAD for Manufacture
  • 03 – Manufacture SPEC
  • 04 – Production Quotation
  • 05 – CAD + SPEC up-date
  • 06 -a- Supply contract with Factory – Contract for tooling
  • 07 – Tooling
  • 08 – Sample
  • 09 – CAD/SPEC up-date
  • 10 – Testing (SGS)
  • 11 – Sample 2
  • 12 – CAD/SPEC up-date
  • 13 – Sample 3
  • 14 – CAD/SPEC up-date
  • 15 – Purchase Order
  • 16 – Production Sample
  • 17 – Production
  • 18 – Logistic 5/6 weeks

This Ebook is a must read for all entrepreneurs that are considering the design and manufacturer of a new product.

From idea

to successful


All the resources you will need:

Bonus 40min extended case-study video!