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…the then, the now and the up and coming.

Here at D2M Innovation we have spent the last six years with a dedicated client-focussed
approach to what we do best: encouraging and enabling entrepreneurs, start-ups and
established businesses to take a moderated and considered plunge into the exciting,
sometimes intrepid journey of product design and development.

We have listened and learnt and are continually evolving the way we do things, refining our
process to give clients the best experience and outcome we possibly can.

We have been through an intentional process of self-reflection over the 12 months and a
new and improved, rebranded D2M has surfaced. Our new logo represents the start of a

new chapter and we want to invite you to join us in our next steps.

… what’s to love?

It is our core focus to be personal and intentional about how we support and guide our
clients, from initial concepts through to the launch of the finished product. Client success is
at the heart of why we exist: successful, innovative products lead to future generations of
products and wider product range: client success is good for business!

… making our vision your reality.

As D2M Innovation resurfaces from a period of introspection, we are choosing to root
ourselves in core values that reflect who we are and how we work. Our aim is that clients
and business partners find us to be approachable and honest, demonstrative of integrity
and respect as well as ingenuity in our expertise. Successful products are built on a
foundation of commercial viability and evolve from a combination of our passion and our
process. The approach is development of a minimum viable product without compromise on

creative excellence and end-user satisfaction.

… integration: leave it to the experts.

We are experts in product design and development – it’s what we spend the biggest part of
our lives doing and we are hugely passionate about it. However, we don’t pretend to be
experts in what we don’t do, but recognise the requirement to involve other professional
services in the product development journey. We have done the hard graft of forging
relationships with highly competent individuals and businesses and have established
partnerships with patent attorneys, marketing specialists, sourcing agents and
manufacturing companies, all of which are experts within their particular field that we

signpost clients to at the appropriate time.

… leaving room for creativity to flourish.

We are incredibly passionate about enabling dreams to become reality. As in any good
recipe, there is an optimum method to achieve the desired outcome and we have refined
ours to be bespoke yet agile, to ultimately reflect the uniqueness of each project. We
believe in the need to allow creativity the space to come alive and we practise daily, the

delicate art of balancing this for successful product development.

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