Video Client Testimonial – Product Development Journey

Product Design Testimonial

We believe it’s often better to hear from our clients rather than from ourselves. In this video one of our clients talks through her experiences working with D2M.

“I found that D2M aren’t just a run of the mill design company. They really are a one stop shop for getting your product to market successfully. They really strip back what our products all about before they start the design process.”

 “I came to D2M with my product which is a new harness adjustment system for pushchairs. But after some extensive market research with D2M into other markets we’ve realised there’s a much bigger need in markets such as the NHS and military. So my product is now going to be out there to actually save time which will save lives and when I first started my relationship with D2M Innovation they gave it that massive spark that it needed to push it forward.”

“You can feel the passion that D2M have and that they want you to succeed. I really feel like they are a part of my team as much as I’m a part of theirs. What I loved about D2M they didn’t just take my product and do what I said. They stripped it back which then pushed it forward in the direction that it’s going now.”

“It’s going to be more of a success than I could ever dream of!”

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