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Patenting an idea is a complicated process but it is very important to the future success of your idea. If a UK patent can be obtained it is generally the best way to protect your idea, but other forms of Intellectual Property protection can help too. If you are uncertain of the best way to patent your idea then contact us for a free, no obligation assessment. If a patent is appropriate, here are the steps involved in patenting an idea:

Step 1: Patent Searching your Idea

Completing a worldwide patent search is a sensible first step before drafting and filing a patent application. This is because you will not be able to patent your idea if it has been patented already and just because an idea is not on the market does not ensure it has not been protected in this way. ...more about patent searches

Step 2: Developing your idea

It is important to define, and in most cases develop, the novel aspects of your idea. It is not usually possible to protect the overall concept but instead most patents protect the method by which the idea carries out the overall concept. i.e. you might not be able to protect a grass cutting machine, but you may well be able to protect a machine with a engine, drive train and rotating blade for cutting grass. The results of the patent search may also demonstrate that further development is required to ensure your idea does not infringe an existing patent. D2M are experienced in creating innovative, patentable solutions to design problems. Our team of engineers and product designers can develop and prototype your idea, if required.

Step 3: Drafting your Patent Application

Now that you have defined and developed your idea, and have ensured that it is indeed unique, you have proceed with drafting your patent application and then filing it with the UK IPO (formerly the UK Patent Office). Drafting your patent application can be carried out by a patent attorney or you can choose to draft the application yourself. It helps to have a patent search report detailing existing patents to ensure your patent application is worded to avoid infringing existing patents.
We generally recommend that unless the idea is very straightforward, and you have a legal background, that the application is best drafted by a chartered patent attorney. D2M can do this for you at a very reasonable cost.

Step 4: Filing your patent application

UK Patent filing is done at the UK Intellectual Property Office. This is often best completed by your Chartered Patent Attorney who will ensure that this has been completed correctly on your behalf. It is possible to self file your application online or send it to the UK Intellectual Property Office, but you should only do this if you are confident that no mistakes will be made. Once this UK patent is filed you then have 12 months before expanding the application out to cover other countries. This is the most cost effective way of achieve international patent protection.

Other ways of protecting your Intellectual Property

If it is not possible to attain a patent or if you want further protect you idea, there are other ways for you to protect your intellectual property (IP) ...more about other forms of IP protection
D2M partners with Chartered Patent & Trademark Attorneys to ensure that we can offer expert advice on patents and other forms of IP protection. Further information on how to patent an idea can be found in our Free Patenting Guide. Alternatively, we offer Free Patenting Consultation to discuss the best way to protect your idea.
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Uncertain How to Protect Your Idea?

Patenting an idea can be a complex process. We offer a free consultation to discuss the best way to protect your idea.

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