Completing a worldwide patent search is a sensible first step before drafting and filing a patent application. This is because you will not be able to patent your idea if it has been patented already and just because an idea is not on the market does not ensure it has not already been protected.

D2M Patent Search

Our search is the most thorough and cost effective search available. Here's how we ensure we find the maximum number of relevant results for your idea:
  • The search uses multiple patent databases to avoid mis-classification errors in a single database
  • Completed by patent analysts trained and supervised by former UK Patent Office Examiners
  • The search is scoped by a Chartered Patent Attorney
  • Two trained analysts conduct the search to minimise potential human error
  • All analysts go through a year training course

If you are serious about your idea, then D2M offers the right search for you.


The Process

A D2M search is scoped by a Chartered Patent Attorney and to do this they determine the main claims of a potential future patent application and then prepare a list of features that are critical to the invention. Identifying these features can be complex and, if done incorrectly, the subsequent search will be of little or no value. Once the relevant documents have been found by the analysts, the attorney then reviews the results and details a reporting letter with a brief summary of every patent found and its likely impact on your idea. Interpreting patent search results is often technically complex and an attorney has extensive training and qualifications to be able to do so. Finally, the attorney will detail a conclusion as to the best way to proceed with your concept. This conclusion is effectively legal advice and therefore has to be our clear and honest opinion and we pride ourselves on this.

Why commission a worldwide patent search?

  • A professional patent search can save you a lot of time and money if a similar patent is found.
  • Finding similar patents helps to ensure your application is worded to not infringe an existing patent.
  • The report will highlight if your idea requires further development if it is too similar to existing patents.
  • Potential investors or representatives of industry will expect a patent search to have been conducted.


Vital Information on Searching
You should always ensure that any patent search is carried out by a trained patent analyst and that the search includes written conclusions by a Chartered Patent Attorney. D2M is often approached by people who have completed searches with other companies but have not been given practical, legal advice on the best way to continue their project. These cheap searches may, at first glance, be appealing but in the long run are practically worthless as they offer no opinion on the best route forward.
Before commissioning a search with any company, always ask about the qualifications and training of the researcher. Unfortunately, there are no regulations governing patent searching. D2M offers the best search packages money can buy and we pride ourselves on the thoroughness, diligence and honesty of all our services. We always conduct a free idea assessment before starting a patent search as actually patenting may not be the right form of protection for your concept.
To commission a patent search on your idea, fill in your details on our contact page and will we get back to you. Alternatively call us to discuss patent searching your idea.
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