Further information about the UKIPO (formerly the UK Patent Office)

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT THE PATENT OFFICE but we are simply providing useful information about the Patent Office. The Patent Office (now the UKIPO) can be found here: http://www.ipo.gov.uk/
Applying for a patent with the Intellectual Property Office (UK), is a complicated procedure. It requires your idea to be thought through and developed and your intellectual property to be clearly described. This page will give you further information on how to prepare your idea to ensure that your idea can be properly protected.

Before Approaching the Patent Office

It is important to define what you are trying to protect before considering patenting your idea with the UK Patent Office. The IPO (UK) can offer some support and help to individuals looking to patent an idea themselves, however for most people expert help is an essential to develop the mechanics of how the idea will work and, in most cases, draft a robust patent application that has a decent chance of being granted.
Here are some questions to ask yourself before approaching the UK Patent Office:
  • Has the idea been developed sufficiently to be able to be patented?
  • Is a patent the best form of protection for the idea?
  • Is it worth even considering the patent process, bearing in mind the timescales and costs involved?
  • Is there a market for the idea to justify the cost and time involved in applying for a patent?
  • Has anyone else patented my idea already?
D2M can help you answer these questions before you waste time and money approaching the Patent Office with your idea. This will be done in complete confidence having signed a Confidentiality Agreement first. Why not click the button below to book in for a telephone or in person consultation to discuss protecting and developing your idea with us? We promise to give an honest opinion on whether it worth proceeding with your idea.

Essential Information on Patenting 

Patent applications need to be drafted to ensure as broad a scope of protection as possible but still narrow enough to be successfully granted. You can draft an application yourself but it is often worth getting a patent attorney to do it for you.
The first 12 months of a patent application are relatively cost effective and so it is often worth holding back on filing your patent until your idea is further developed and ready to either: present to companies to achieve a licensing agreement or put into production. 
Request the Patent Office examination within 4 months of filing to make sure the results are back in time to decide about foreign filing.
Don't waste time, money and effort filing a patent application until you have checked to see if someone else has already filed an application on the same idea. D2M offer an excellent value professional patent search: Read more about Patent Searching

How D2M can help 

As well as offering the benefit of our experience and knowledge in our free consultation, we can also help design and develop your idea before patenting. Our inhouse product designers work alongside Chartered Patent Attorneys to ensure your idea can be developed with your patent application in mind. Our engineers can build a prototype for either presentation or just to prove the concept. Our patent attorneys can draft and file your patent application, take your application through to grant, register your design and even trademark your idea.
Once your patent is drafted and filed at the UK Patent Office, then D2M can also help: license your idea; negotiate orders and letters of intent with retailers; organise production in this country or the Far East and finalise the design for production of the tooling.
Our innovation guide give clear, straight forward advice on the patent process, explains our services and also talks through how to make money from your idea. Use this button to request our Free Guide:
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Further Info on the UK Patent Office

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO), also known as the Patent Office, is the only organisation that can grant a patent in the UK. It is also responsible for registered designs, copyright and trademarks. ...more about the UK patent office
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