D2M's Unique Approach to Textile Product Development

D2M specialist in the development of innovative textile products. We've honed our approach over the last decade to give your project the best chance of success.

Plan to Succeed

It is critical that you focus on ensuring that your project is a commercial success. A lot of projects fail and it’s best to face up to this, engage with the reasons why and ensure that your project doesn’t have the same issues.

So we suggest that as quickly and cheaply as possible you work out if your project:

  1. Is technically possible
  2. Is commercially viable 
  3. Has adequate funds to get to launch.
  4. Is appealing to your target market at the necessary RRP

We’ve seen too many project fail because of the above reasons over the last 10 years. As such we ask the difficult questions early on and provide both technical and commercially feasibility assessments to ensure that your project is worth proceeding with. 

This is the heart of D2M’s design approach to textile projects. We are focused on commercial success and so we identify the key risks and then look to minimise them.

Riut-bag designed by D2M
Product Focus Group

Key Development Steps

We effectively run a stage gate process with Key Review Points before commencing expensive stages of work such as prototyping. Even fabric based products are expensive to prototype effectively and so these costs must only be incurred if the project has been de-risked. 

Our team of textile product designers will engage in market research with you and your potential purchasers are key stages to ensure that the product you’re developing is attractive and desirable. It’s critical to design for your target market and not for yourself or for what you think your target market wants.

We tend not to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) for textile products. Unlikely most design firm we have a fully equipped textile prototyping workshop onsite and so can produce 3D prototypes in most fabrics rapidly. These are far more helpful in iterating the design than any virtual CAD model.

We advise working closely with your manufacturing partner as early on in the process as possible. We are highly integrated with our sewing factory partners to ensure that no time is wasted designing and prototyping anything that can’t be made efficiently and effectively in production batches. Read more about sourcing sewing manufacturers. 

Textile Product Development
sewing factory

Do you have any innovative fabric product?

We’ve worked with a number of clients to bring innovative textile products to the market. 

Do get in touch if you have a sewing project or any type of textile product than needs a sewn prototype, we’d love to hear about it! If you would like to carry on reading more about designing sewn products click here. 

If you’ve got a project for a fabric product but don’t know how to go about developing it, contact us today and we can arrange a call to discuss it. 

Let us help you bring your new product to market.

If you’re looking to develop a new product or re-design an existing range but lack the in-house capacity or expertise to make it a reality, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.