Textile Product Design

From idea to viable product - we are product design and development specialists, experienced in textile/soft goods product development from concept to launch.

Our Experience

At D2M we have over 10 years’ experience developing textile products for clients. We are exceptionally skilled at producing rucksack and bag prototypes having worked on various projects for different target markets and industry sectors. We also have experience in developing textile baby products and sports equipment ranging from pushchairs, baby bouncers and car seats to recovery therapy packs and weight bags.

Inhouse Workshop

Our studio has a fully equipped textile workshop with three industrial sewing machines, suitable for most processes and material types. We have also created an extensive samples library of technical fabrics, attachments and fastenings. 

Increase your chance of success

Whilst all idea development is inherently risky, at D2M we use our extensive experience to develop a bespoke idea development plan for your project that seeks to minimise your risk whilst analysing the project from a commercial perspective. We do this by considering the target market, potential marketing claims and production costs from a very early stage in the project. This hugely increases your chances of success with your project.

Textile Concept Development
D2m textile manufacturing
  • Concept Development

    These stages usually involve sketching initial concept ideas, considering materials, dimensions and hardware. We always seek to add value through innovation, which can strengthen IP protection. Marketing insights and Basic Physical Model’s are often utilised early in the process to inform and refine the final concept.

  • Textile Prototyping

    Next, we can begin creating prototypes of the design. This is often an iterative process to test and refine the materials, dimensions (including pattern pieces if required) and detailing, including further fabric choices and detailing such as stitching type and thread colour.

  • Sampling and Costing

    Once the prototype and manufacturing specification (detailed drawings of the product) have been developed as far as possible in our in-house workshop, the next steps involve sampling with a factory.

  • Manufacturing

    With a final factory sample, the last step is to put your product into production with your chosen factory. At this point, bespoke fabrics (specific colours or patterns with a minimum MOQ) and all the chosen detailing will finally feature on the product.

Already have a prototype or product?

We don’t just develop ideas from scratch – we can also refine existing prototypes and products that require further development. Our process is always bespoke and tailored to your needs.   We often work with SME’s who already have products on the market that need a re-style to include new features and enhance user experience or a re-design to increase profit margins. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your textile product development needs.

Why not get in touch to discuss your project?

If you are looking for a UK based product design company, then get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you design, prototype and launch your new product.