Mark 2 Prototypes​

Development of a refined prototype of your new product idea. Find out all you need to know about Mark 2 Prototypes.​

We would build on the work completed in the previous prototyping stage and create a more refined prototype that looked more similar to the final product. The methodology for this stage is likely to be similar to that of the previous prototype, but there will be more emphasis on the overall look, styling and finish from the previous prototypes.

This type of prototype will largely be built from bespoke parts from the agreed CAD model. However ‘off the shelf’ parts will be used where appropriate. This type of prototype should have improved functionality over the Mark 1 prototype and will also be more similar in form and materials to the final product.

It is likely that materials close to the production grade will be used however, these are still unlikely to be as good as moulded production plastics. 

Prototyping materials do have limitations and are often weaker and less robust than production materials. Production tolerances are much more accurate than prototyping techniques and so sometimes the prototype may not be quite as dimensionally accurate as could be achieved in production. This may lead to parts not quite lining up or being slightly looser/tighter than ideal. These issues are often easily resolved in production.

Key improvements over a Mark 1 Prototype:

• Smooth finish to the component parts
• Coloured parts for improved visual effect
• Iterative refined functionality from the previous prototype

Product Design Process
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  1. Consideration of appropriate materials for the various components that closely represent production materials.
  2. Selection of appropriate prototyping method for each component.
  3. Consideration of finish and colour to be similar to final product.
  4. Complex or key visual parts for the prototype are ordered from trusted suppliers. 
  5. The parts are assembled and necessary tweaks made.
  6. Often the prototype is passed to the client for review.
  7. Any prototype refinements are established and noted.

This is a complete list of all potential requirements of this stage. It does depend on your project and your specific requirements and therefore all of these elements might not be necessary in your case.

Prototypes speak volumes to investors, retailers and manufacturers about the level of development of the design. This type of prototype seeks to demonstrate the key functionality of the product and also provides a representation of what the product would look like. This prototype will be a marked improvement on the previous version.

mark 2 product prototype
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The mark 2 prototypes stage would typically take six to eight weeks. The cost of this stage can vary greatly based on the complexity of the product the virtual CAD model represents. The cost typically could range from £2000 to £16000.

Three simple reasons:

  • We are focused on your commercial success of your project.
  • We’ve built hundreds of prototypes before and have the workshop facilities to do so.
  • We have a diverse experienced team that can bring your idea to life.

Contact us today to discuss your project and to learn more about how we can help develop your project: Contact us.

Once concept development is complete, the next step is often more detailed consideration of the user, functionality and ergonomics. Click to read more about Industrial Design.

Mark 2 prototype

Mark 2 Prototypes

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