Prototype Design

Product Development to plan the prototyping stages and produce a virtual prototype for sign off for production of the prototype of your idea.

Building a 3D virtual (CAD) model of the design for the first time allowing the product to be developed into a more considered concept ahead or typically prototyping or pitching.

What is Design for Prototyping?

In most cases, product development work needs to be completed before a prototype can be built. The Design for Prototyping stage will result in a 3D virtual (CAD) model that can be used to check basic form and function of the product or later in the development to visually represent the final product. This virtual model can be rendered to look like a real product and used to assess interest from companies and investors prior to prototyping or can be used to build the prototype.

Using the CAD model, we can build a prototype using a variety of techniques depending on the requirements of the project and your budget, see information on the Mark 1 Prototype stage. The Design for Prototyping stage can repeat various times dependant on the number of prototypes needed and the desired outcome of the prototype (e.g. visual, functional).

Product Design Process
Prototype Design

What might happen during this stage?

  1. Design details finalised
  2. 3D virtual CAD model produced
  3. Early consideration into potential materials and production methods
  4. Review and sign off the CAD model
  5. Prototype plan set out and agreed

What value does this stage add to my project?

This stage takes the initial ideas and turns them into a detailed 3D model for review prior to committing to prototyping. 

This enables changes and tweaks to be made before the next stage and cost of physical parts is incurred.

Thomod Computer Aided Design
Product Design

How much and how long?

This stage would typically take two to four weeks. The cost of this stage can vary greatly based on the complexity of the product the virtual CAD model represents. The cost typically could range from £1000 to £6000.

Why use D2M to do this stage?

Three simple reasons:

  • We are focused on your commercial success of your project.
  • We’ve spent years developing a process that manages the risk of new product development and gives you the best chance of success.
  • We have a diverse experienced team that can bring new innovation and creative thinking to your product during this stage.

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Once design for prototyping is complete, the next step is often more detailed consideration of the user, functionality and ergonomics. Click to read more about Mark 1 Prototype.

If you would like find out more about our other product design services click here. 

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Prototype Design Stage Examples

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