Manufacturing Feasibility

We can assess your new product concept to see if it can be manufactured effectively.

Some concepts can be hard to manufacture and often it is best to assess early on what is actually achievable. During this stage we will speak to different manufacturers to ascertain what might be possible. This stage is called manufacturing feasibility assessment. 

What is Manufacturing Feasibility?

Often innovative ideas require different and new manufacturing techniques, materials or processes. A manufacturing feasibility assessment is key to make sure your product can be produced. It isn’t always possible to make what has been designed even using some of the latest techniques and so this needs to be assesses early before time and money is wasted developing ideas that aren’t viable from a manufacturing perspective.  

Product Design Process
sewing factory

What might happen during this stage?

  1. Concept summary to convey idea to manufacturers
  2. Identify potential manufacturing partners
  3. Signing confidentiality agreements
  4. Discussion of potential manufacturing options.
  5. Manufacturing viability review.

This is a complete list of all potential requirements of this stage. It does depend on your project and your specific requirements and therefore all of these elements might not be necessary in your case.

What value does this stage add to my project?

This stage can work out how possible it is to make your product idea. It can save thousands in pursuing a concept that isn’t viable. It can also provide confidence to investors/key stake holders that the idea can be made if investment is provided for development. 


Chinese Manufacturer
Welding production

How much and how long?

Generally this stage should take two to four weeks to be done thoroughly. Cost depends on complexity but varies from around £1200 to £2000.

Why use D2M to do this stage?

Three simple reasons:

  • Manufacturing contact base in the Far East and Europe.
  • Highly experienced in assessing viability in early stages of a project.
  • Creative team of problem solving designers skilled at finding other ways of manufacturing products, if necessary.

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