Innovation Workshop

A team of our creative and ingenious product designers will meet in an intensive workshop to explore potential product ideas.

Expect to explore initial design concepts, key features, and innovative design ideas in a fast-paced ideation session, resulting in potential additional ideas for your product.
This innovation workshop can take place in person or digitally. Clients are encouraged to join in, with advance notice, to get the maximum value from this service.

What is an Innovation Workshop?

The innovation workshop is a creative session with some of the design team to consider all options and new ideas before the project kicks off in earnest. It is often used to ensure that multiple options have been considered early in the project rather than just launching down one particular development route

This innovation workshop can be completed internally by the D2M product design team but do we encourage clients to be a part of it as no-one knows really where the best ideas come from and often the company has a better, more in-depth view of the end user requirements and likely marketing messaging for the product which can be impactful in coming up with early ideas. 

Product Design Process
Innovation Workshop

What might happen during this stage?

  1. Initial Briefing
  2. Introduction to innovative thinking process.
  3. Discussion of key requirements from the product.
  4. Creative ideation session around ideas of product features based on user requirements and desired user experience.
  5. Creative session looking at potential materials, sourced components and latest technologies.
  6. Review of all the innovative thinking
  7. Discussion of next steps.

This is a complete list of all potential elements of this stage. It does depend on your project and your specific requirements and therefore all of these elements might not be necessary in your case.

What value does this stage add to my project?

An innovation workshop covers off multiple different approached to the project. Previously some projects have completely changed direction at this stage due to a new idea which proves to be more appropriate than the original concept. For some clients without innovative ideas, this session can create brand new thinking that enables the brand to be differentiated from competitors by launching patented, unique concepts onto the market. The value of this can be huge to a brand.

For other clients an innovation workshop has strengthen patent applications, given sensible plan b options if there initial concepts doesn’t work or simple provided reassurance that it is worth investing in their original concept as nothing better has been easily discovered.

concept development wall
product innovation workshop

How much and how long?

Generally an innovation workshop should take one to three weeks to be done thoroughly. Cost depends on complexity but varies from around £1600 to £3000. 

This stage affects the overall direction of the project substantially and so the more time and money spent here, often lowers your overall development costs as the project is less prone to changing direction later on.

Why use D2M to do this stage?

Three simple reasons:

  • Exceptional creative team with our feet firmly in ensuring your commercial success. As such our ideas are innovative but also practical and achievable.
  • Full range of experience in our creative team from concept to production.
  • We have a diverse, experienced team that can bring new innovation and creative thinking to your product during this stage.

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