Project Viability and Risk

From concept to production - we are the product design and development specialists, experienced in the whole process. Learn more about how our unique process helps you manage your risk and gives your product the best chance of success. Watch the video for an overview of this phase of product development and click the links below for further details of our specific services.

Innovation Workshop

The innovation workshop is a creative session with some of the design team to consider all options and new ideas before the project kicks off in earnest. It is often used to ensure that multiple options have been considered early in the project rather than just launching down one particular development route. 

Design Engineering

Often innovative ideas require different and new manufacturing techniques, materials or processes. A manufacturing feasibility assessment is key to make sure your product can be produced. It isn’t always possible to make what has been designed so this needs to be assessed early.


A basic physical model is the quickest and cheapest way to test out your product idea. Concepts often look great on paper but the reality of a 3D object that has to perform effectively is different. Basic models are often made from deconstructing existing products and rebuilding them with novel components.

computer aided design

A technical feasibility stage fully explores the idea and attempts to ensure that technically it will work. This might involve researching mechanisms, electronic solutions or the latest technical fabrics and assessing their capabilities to perform the required function in your product. 

Product Concept Development

Before getting too far into an innovative product development process it is key that we obtain some initial marketing insights that will help steer and guide the direction for the project. As the target market will be ultimately purchasing the product it is key that we develop the product to suit their needs.

commercial viability risk

A commercial viability assessment provides an approximate unit cost for your product and production setup cost including tooling. This is critical to the viability of your project. Unit cost will establish future margin on your product and provides reassurance to continue to invest in the project.

Development Costs

Every project is unique and the costs for developing a product can vary hugely.  One of the first things to consider is what funding is available. We always work with a client to ensure that the funds they have are used to maximise their chances of success.  This often means ensuring that key elements of development are carried out that will enable you to access further funding through investors, crowdfunding or grants.  Our team of experienced designers are trained to develop products that keep manufacturing costs to a minimum where possible. 

Increase Your Chances Of Success

All product development is inherently risky and at D2M we use our extensive experience to develop a bespoke product development plan for your project that seeks to minimise the risk whilst analysing the project from a commercial perspective. We do this by considering the target market, potential marketing claims and production costs from a very early stage in the project. This hugely increases your chances of success with your project.

We offer specific stages of work within your overall project plan that clarify the best route forward and highlight areas of concern in: market positioning; messaging; route to market; regulations and compliance; production costs and sourcing. We use the results of these stages to inform decision making. This is always communicated in an honest and transparent way with our clients so you are in control of your project’s direction and fully informed as to the level of risk you’re taking. This includes advising if we believe that stopping the project is necessary as it is likely to not be viable for any reason.

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