Sarah Brand -
Senior Product Designer

About Sarah

Sarah is originally from Georgia in America. Shortly after arriving in the UK, she joined D2M in the middle of the pandemic back in May 2020! Sarah started off as a middleweight product designer and soon progressed into a senior position. 


Overall Sarah has 8 years experience in the product design industry including 1 and half years working at D2M. Sarah is a master at developing innovative baby toys and toy based products. In America, Sarah worked for a large, infant and toddler toy manufacturer so is very experienced in developing products for children. Her product design experience started off in toy design, dispensers and packaging but working with D2M has provided a much wider scope of projects including dental equipment, wheelchairs and pushchairs. 

Biggest Project

The biggest project Sarah has worked on is the Baby Einstein Curiosity Table. It was the flagship toddler toy for the brand that season, and was voted one of the best Toddler Toys of 2018 by

Sarah developed the table while creating a new visual brand language and was given a lot of creative freedom. Now her 1 year old niece has one and loves it, so it’s been a really rewarding project. 

Most Enjoyable Part of Being A Product Designer 

Sketching is her favourite part of the design process, as you can explore a lot of ideas quickly. With a bit of styling and colour, you can really bring someone’s vision come to life!

Interesting Fact

As a teenager, Sarah worked for years as a movie theatre projectionist. She had to build and breakdown film reels, and eventually saw the transition to digital for cinema.

Design For Prototyping
Toy Product Development

Designed by Sarah Brand for Kids II.

Sarah senior designer

Designed by Sarah Brand for Kids II.

Projects Sarah has worked on

Below are just a few of the different products Sarah has designed, developed and prototyped. 

Toy products designed by Sarah Brand for Kids II. 

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