Prototyping Sewn Products

sewing textile prototypes

Prototyping Sewn Products An introduction to Prototyping Sewn Products.  Often prototyping a technical sewn product such as work wear, rucksacks or laptop bags will involve multiple stages to develop the concept fully. The first prototyping stage is most likely a basic physical model that is a proof of concept to establish the core functionality. This […]

Textile Product Development

D2M’s Unique Approach to Textile Product Development D2M specialist in the development of innovative textile products. We’ve honed our approach over the last decade to give your project the best chance of success. It is critical that you focus on ensuring that your project is a commercial success. A lot of projects fail and it’s […]

Sourcing Sewing Manufacturers

Manufacturing an idea

Sourcing Sewing Manufacturers D2M specialist in the development of innovative textile products including sourcing the right cut, make and sew factory for manufacturing your sewn product. Manufacturers of sewn products are often called CMT or cut, make and trim factories if they are based in the West. In the far east, where most textile manufacturing […]

Designing Sewn Products

sewn product development

Sewn Fabric Product Development From idea to viable product – we are product design and development specialists, highly experienced in fabric product design from idea to manufacture. At D2M we have over 10 years’ experience developing technical textile products for clients. We are exceptionally skilled in a range of sewing techniques, technical fabrics and heavyweight […]


Sockatoos cotton trousers sold in John Lewis

‘Sockatoos’ are fab quality cotton trousers with unique built-in socks for babies and toddlers up to 4 years. NO MORE LOST SOCKS! Avoid one of the biggest parental bugbears – misplaced and mismatched socks, not to mention cold little feet. Cute, comfy and practical!

Developing A Soft Goods (fabric) Product

Developing a soft goods product

Olivia one of our textile product developers explains the process of developing a soft goods product from design to manufacture. Video Transcript The process for developing your soft product normally starts with the concept development stage. This allows you to explore multiple concepts in theory, and research into materials that could potentially work. This is […]

RedBack Knee Pads

RedBack Knee Pads BRIEF To develop a textile strapped pad to convert their innovative polymer knee support into a wearable, comfortable kneepad. Understanding the importance of user comfort both during use and whilst worn but walking and standing. PROCESS The product was conceptualised and prototyped in-house at D2M with multiple stages of prototype evaluation, feedback […]

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