Lighting Product Prototyping

electronics prototype

Lighting Prototyping An introduction to prototyping lighting products. A prototype is a modelled representation of a product. A prototype is simply the earliest model of a device or tool created to test an idea or innovation. It practically forms the basis upon which other models can be created and the design refined before production. This […]

Selling Lighting Products

selling lighting products

Selling Lighting Products An introduction to commercialising new lighting products. As it is popularly said, it is all about the money! Businesses thrive on turnover and profit. After scaling through the hurdles of the previous stages of developing a new product, selling the product comes next. Developing a new functional product is great, commercialising the […]

Lighting Product Manufacturing

manufacturing in China

Lighting Manufacturing An introduction to manufacturing new lighting products. You’ve gone through the concept development stage, designing and prototyping phase. Next up is the manufacturing of your new lighting product. With our vast experience from successfully working on lighting products like event lighting, children’s night lights, emergency lights and portable battery powered lights, D2M can […]

Lighting Product Design

concept to launch

Designing Lighting Products An introduction to designing lighting products.  DESIGNING A NEW LIGHTING PRODUCT IDEA The importance of good and appropriate lighting product can never be overemphasized. Technological advancements in LED bulbs particularly, as well as improved materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, has meant that the market is ripe for new designs and better, more […]

Lighting Product Development

Lighting product

Developing Lighting Products Designing, prototyping and manufacturing lighting products. Developing a new lighting product from scratch to production readiness can be an uphill task. Designing the product, integrating the electronics, sourcing manufacturers, and selling your product requires expert guidance and D2M is here to the rescue. Let us partner with you when developing your very […]

Design for your customer

Man showing woman a design on a screen

When designing a product, getting caught up in your ideas and opinions can be all too easy. However, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is to sell your product to a broad audience. To do this, it’s crucial to design with your customers in mind. In this article, we’ll share why you should […]

Core Lighting

Core Lighting Event Lighting

These battery-powered lamps have lit up venues across the globe including royal palaces & the Louvre.


Cozyglo Night lights that emit a calm, soothing glow, and have a range of functions including a dimmer, clock, thermometer and sleep trainer. BRIEF CozyGlo was established in 2014 after the founders, Katherine and Tom Homfray, realised the lack of quality children’s night lights on the market. In the months following the birth of their […]


Innovative cycling light successfully licensed to Oxford Products.

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