Product Design

We work with clients in and around Oxford to design, prototype, source manufacturers for innovative products. Based nearby in Cheltenham, D2M is an ideal product innovation partner to develop your project


Product Design Development Process

  • Viability

    We will work with you to assess the potential of your product including IP searching, commercial viability and technical feasibility..

  • Design

    We will explore the design details with you including electronics integration, material selection, detailed ergonomics and product styling.

  • Prototyping

    We will build a series of prototypes progressing the design and testing the core elements of your idea whilst ensuring that the final design is cost effective for production.

  • Design Protection

    We will work closely with our Chartered Patent Attorneys to ensure that your product is protected with patents, registered designs and trademarks.

  • Manufacture

    We will create detailed manufacturing specifications, source necessary parts and materials, gain quotations from our partners and support you into manufacture of your product.

  • Testing and Certification

    We will work with Test Houses to establish country specific certification and compliance with regulations.

Skill Sets

  • Our Experience

    Vast experience in helping a wide range of companies, including Start-Ups, develop and produce successful, patented products.

  • Our Team

    Senior Product designers with a vast knowledge of materials and processes and proven ability to develop marketable products.

  • Our Partnerships

    Partnered with attorneys for registering design patents, UK patents and International Patent Applications. IP network

  • Our Commitment to you

    We put you first and ensure we guide you through the whole process. The confidentiality of your idea is of the utmost importance to us.

Design Engineering

Getting in touch?

One of our product design engineers will organise a call to discuss your project, costs and timescales. 

All of our teams are expert in idea development who have spent many years developing patentable products. They can answer your questions and help explain the process.

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your project. All the Intellectual Property around the concept remains yours even if we add further protectable features to your concept.

If your looking for a product design agency based near Oxford get in touch today!

Highly experienced UK Product Innovation consultancy Near Oxford

We are passionate about bringing new product ideas to life!

We work with you to design, develop, and prototype your concept and then can go on to source manufacturers and support into production or investment readiness. If you’re a business based in and around Oxford, UK, let our highly experienced, creative design team develop your idea into a market ready product whilst helping you manage your commercial risk. We also work closely with Chartered Attorneys, test houses and product marketing partners in and around Oxford to provide the specialist expertise you will need.

We are focused on maximising the chance of success for your concept.


Get Started Today

1. Contact Us

Simply fill in the form above and we’ll be in touch to arrange a Zoom/Teams meeting or a call – whatever suits you. We’re more than happy to sign an NDA before the call if you would prefer to be able to fully share your concept securely.


3. Get a Quote

Based on the project requirements, we share a project proposal with budget and timeline estimates.


2. Consultation

One of our senior design engineers will call to discuss your project, your requirements and the value we add. Once we fully appreciate the details we can provide a detailed project plan.


4. Project Starts

Once the project agreement is signed, we brief our team from a range of disciplines to jump start your project.


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    Our Success Stories

    See below to find out more about some of our client’s successful product innovations

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