Veglo - Commuter X4


Ed Ward, a cycling enthusiast from Fulham, London founded Veglo following an accident which saw him knocked off his bike and thrown into a four-way junction in London. His company, which designs and develops bike lights for urban commuters, subsequently approached us for assistance in turning his potentially life-saving idea into reality.


It was important to find a solution to the problem that would be as bright as possible and also be in the eye line of drivers. The process began by testing and comparing numerous reflective fabric and material compositions alongside fibre optic light guides to ensure its brightness.

We utilised our textiles and hard goods prototyping workshops to develop and create the various prototypes whilst our electronics specialist examined the internal elements including the luminosity of the LED’s, the power requirements of the battery and appropriate USB charging circuitry to ensure a reliable and slimline design. CAD and rapid prototyping was then used to develop the waterproof casing.


The Commuter X4 is made up of four fibre optic light guides and a projective central light. The light can be worn over the cyclists’ rucksack or placed directly on their back using straps which fit over the shoulders. When the fibre optic setting is switched off, the straps become their own reflectors to car lights. The device is water-resistant, USB rechargeable and durable, adjusting to multiple bag sizes up to 35 litres, and fits over rain covers.


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