The brief for Thomod was to develop the client’s initial concept for a 4-way furniture fixing into a manufacturable, working product.


Detailed Computer Aided Design modelling through a series of iterative improvements was essential to refining the core of the mechanical concept.

The client had spent many hours sketching various designs and details of the mechanism before coming to us and so D2M’s design engineers worked very closely with the client to ensure that the final concept included our design for manufacture experience and the clients innovative, detailed thinking.

This collaboration produced a final iteration CAD model that when prototyped, working effectively first time. D2M then produced the animation below to show the concept in action, a product sell sheet showing potential uses for the product and finally a larger prototype for demonstration purposes.

This work caught the attention of decision level buyers in high street retailers and distributors.


Thomod™ is currently in high level licensing discussions with a major DIY distributor. 

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