Stewart Golf R1 Push


The R1 Push is a stunning looking golf trolley that is now being sold worldwide having been
completely re-designed from the ground up by D2M and the engineers at Stewart Golf. The R1 Push is the fruit of a combined develop effort between D2M and golf equipment
manufacturer Stewart Golf.

The R1 is designed as a replacement of Stewart Golf’s older Z series push trolley. Design to outperform its predecessor in a variety of areas, the R1 integrates key features to make a golfer’s life easier including: a mounting for an umbrella, a drinks holder, golf balls holder and roomy storage compartment that ensures everything the golfer needs is on hand. Beyond just feature improvement, the overall user experience was a priority during the research and development process.

The R1 was completely re-engineered to integrate an innovative folding mechanism that allows a more compact fold than its direct competitors, fitting the product into tighter storage spaces and making transport in smaller vehicles possible for the first time. The ergonomics of the product were also intricately considered to ensure user comfort over longer periods and a reimagined aesthetic design ensures product differentiation and a commanding shelf-Presence in a crowded marketplace.


The Stewart golf R1 push employs an innovative rack and pinion folding mechanism that causes all folding elements to move in unison. Driven by a single lock/unlock handle, the rack and pinion operate smoothly and quickly, folding the product up or down in seconds and making it one of the quickest operating but most compact push trolleys on the market.


Hand built in Gloucestershire, the R1 push has increased sales for Stewart Golf in this category and the stunning aesthetic design has ensured rave reviews in major golfing magazines. Stocked worldwide, the R1 push continues to outsells many other comparatively priced and even lower priced models from competing manufacturers.

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