RedBack Knee Pads


To develop a textile strapped pad to convert their innovative polymer knee support into a wearable, comfortable kneepad. Understanding the importance of user comfort both during use and whilst worn but walking and standing.


The product was conceptualised and prototyped in-house at D2M with multiple stages of prototype evaluation, feedback and refinement by the D2M design team and by Redbacks themselves and standing. Significant research was performed into suitable material options that provided the breathability and manoeuvrability required whilst maintaining good wear resistance under heavy use and in abrasive conditions.

D2M sourced and obtained material samples for evaluation,
producing multiple evaluation prototypes underpinned by a testing regime that
distilled the material choices down until a final material selection could be
determined. The image below shows the structure is sewn inside kneepad and
industrial velcro straps maintain their strength even with mild soiling.

The kneepad design provides comfort and safety in hazardous environments as well as penetration protection up to 16mm.


The product has a patented polymer protective structure and is available to buy online directly from the RedBacks website and other retailers such as Amazon, Toolstation & Screwfix. If you would like to find out more, visit their website.

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