PhysioLab Cryotherapy Range


We were approached by Physio Lab to redesign a range of clinical therapy packs which they currently had on the market. The clinical therapy packs are used to manage pain naturally, reduce swelling effectively and improve recovery time using cryotherapy treatments. The current design was very large and outdated. It was our task to redesign the therapy packs to be more practical and also have a much sleeker design.



We used a range of different techniques including lash ups, product styling, CAD development and prototyping. We have an inhouse textile studio which is fully equipped with three industrial sewing machines, suitable for most processes and material types. All manufacturing was sourced by D2M using our trusted manufacturing partners in the far East.


Cryotherapy is widely used in the worlds of elite sport and recovery. From being used to reduce inflammation and swelling to providing pain relief following surgery, it is a versatile treatment. The therapy packs enable patients/athletes to regain range of movement and begin rehabilitation at a much earlier stage.

Physio Lab clinical therapy packs has won the Elevate innovation award for 2019 and is currently being sold to patients and sporting professionals all over the country.

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