Omnio Pushchair


A multiple award-winning innovative stroller that offers a beautiful aesthetic, ultra-compact folded size and the ability to be carried as a rucksack. Omnio provides parents with the capabilities of a full-size stroller in a convenient and highly compact form.


Every detail of the design was engineered to reduce the product’s size and weight without compromising its functionality and attractive aesthetic. The resulting product has been praised industry-wise for design and innovation, winning several national and international design and innovation award and set the benchmark for super-compact strollers.


Patented stroller to IATA aircraft hand luggage compliant folded dimensions that can be carried as a rucksack.

Innovative Omni-Wheel design combines lateral rollers with a traditional rolling wheel to give extremely smooth manoeuvrability.

Secured interest from distributors internationally amounting to over 20,000 pre-orders

Raised over £600,000 to enter full-scale manufacture.

Sold in 8 countries globally.

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