Milk Monster


Milk Monster is an innovative timer product to prevent potential illness in infants through feeding formula or breast milk that has been left out too long. With parents always seeking ways to make feeding time that little bit easier Milk Monster offers a great way for mums and dads to ensure that breast or formula milk is still safe for consumption.


Both breast and formula milk can have harmful levels of bacteria and decrease in nutritional value if left out for too long. The Milk Monster is a brilliant timer which allows parents to see when the feed starts to deteriorate. Simple, yet effective, the timer can be attached to bottles of any size, and has a multitude of features to ensure it is child-friendly and safe for baby. The glow-in-the-dark feature and the backlit screen allow parents to read the timer in the dark which is perfect for night feeds, and the splash-proof, dishwasher-friendly design also means the Milk Monster can withstand anything baby throws at it – literally!


Milk Monster provides peace of mind that the milk is safe for consumption for the infant. Given that the user is likely to be very tired parents struggling with yet another night feed this is a major benefit. The timer is simple to operate as well as being fun and friendly for the baby too. 


Milk Monster has exhibited at the Harrogate Nursery fair where it won the innovation award and has also exhibited at Cologne. Deals are being struck with distributors globally so it should be in retailers around the globe from early 2017.

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