JSP EVO® Neck Cape


The client had an existing company that sourced above the neck Personal Protective Equipment. They wanted to expand their current range and create a neck cape to protect outdoor workers from the sun. They already had an in-house design team but needed specialist textile product knowledge which is why they came to D2M.


D2M started by making some rough mock-ups using hard helmets the client wanted the Neck Capes to be attached to. Sketch and Computer-Aided Design developed, refining the overall form to the client’s vision. Our textile team worked hard to define the fabric for the product. They explored different fabrics to ensure the UV protection was 50+ and included UVA and UVB properties. Selected fabric and sewing techniques were used to ensure that the Neck Cape was of the highest quality and can endure strong sun rays to stop workers from getting sunburnt. Our textiles team created 4-5 prototypes of the product making sure all the elements were implemented correctly and fitted smoothly into the existing hard helmets.

Consultation with manufacturers helped to ensure that the design was developed for cost-effective production.  D2M has reliable, manufacturer contacts in the Far East who were able to source the samples. We built on the first sample by making sure the right fabric was sourced and this lead to 4-5 more samples being produced. As the client was local to us, we dropped the samples to them personally.


The product is now on the market and can be purchased directly from their website. To find out more visit their website.

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