HydraForm Leggings


To design a piece of sportswear that seamlessly integrated the thermal application to aid performance and recovery while providing a comfortable and exclusive look and feel. The Hydraform Leggings are based on the same fabric used to create the sportswear top which D2M designed previously.


D2M developed a long sleeve sportswear performance top. D2M produced a lash up followed by 2 prototypes for the client. The textiles team sourced a variety of different fabrics to ensure the best quality was used. Using D2Ms manufacturing contacts in the far East, 4 samples were able to be produced.

The client liaised directly with the manufacturer in China to create the perfect sample for his product. The HydraForm Leggings were designed based off the material used on the sportwear tops. The sportswear top was used as a solid foundation for the brand, this made it easier for other innovative ideas to be designed using a solid foundation to work from.


The HydraForm Leggings recently had their product launch campaign. They are on the market and can be purchased through the HydraForm website. For more information, visit their website.

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