Night lights that emit a calm, soothing glow, and have a range of functions including a dimmer, clock, thermometer and sleep trainer.


CozyGlo was established in 2014 after the founders, Katherine and Tom Homfray, realised the lack of quality children’s night lights on the market. In the months following the birth of their baby girl, Grace, they soon discovered that a multi-purpose night light, with functions including a dimmer, clock, stopwatch, light alarm and thermometer, would make the lives of exhausted parents significantly easier. We were approached by the couple to develop their concepts for 3 versions of the light: Papa Penguin, Colonel Comfort and Beatrice the Rescue Dog.


The process of developing Cozyglo has involved CAD and electronics development to
ensure that the lights are now production-ready and produce a warm reassuring glow. We have produced a number of prototypes in order to tweak and refine the wonderful characters. The electronics have been developed alongside our excellent electronics partner Martin Hudson who has advised us along the way and developed the internals around which we have modelled the casings.


Cozyglo is now at a very exciting point of development. With the final designs of all 3 characters ready to go into production, Katherine and Tom have launched a crowdfunding campaign on french site To see their campaign and to have the chance to pre-order your
Cozyglo now, click here! They are seeking funding to put their wonderful product into production in 2015, just one year after dreaming up their product! We will keep you up to date with their progress over the coming months.

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