CouchCoaster is an innovative idea to support your drink securely while sitting on a sofa removing the risk of accidental spillages. Developed from sketch concept to production by D2M, it is now selling internationally.


The product is a weighted silicone stability coaster for sofas that keeps the user’s drink within easy reach. With their drink right next to them, they can stay comfortable whilst the CouchCoaster securely grips the sofa arm, protecting against accidental knocks and spills. CouchCoaster isn’t limited to drinks alone and can also keep other commonly used items such as smartphones within glancing distance. Through an in-depth design development cycle, the concept was explored and refined and through iterative improvement and prototype testing, reached a solution that catered perfectly to the target market and provided a neat solution that filled the identified market gap.


CouchCoaster combines a number of intelligent design features that set it apart. Glossy, soft, internally weighted silicone and a cleverly engineered base combine to provide an optimal gripping surface that stabilises and reforms the coaster to the shape of virtually any so fa arm, whilst a reinforcement insert keeps the drinks holder rigid, safe and upright. An in-built mug handle slots means easy use with traditional tea and coffee cups whilst a simple adaptor supplied with the product also ensures smaller sized drinks are equally as well held. A subtly integrated drip-tray also stops minor drips and splashes from reaching and staining the sofa itself.


CouchCoaster was launched in mid-2016 and is now being sold internationally through a network of store and online distributors. Check out how Barry went from unemployed to ONE MILLION in annual revenue!

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