Martin Dubbey served with HM Customs and the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency for over thirty years. After noticing how big the problem of intrusion of hotel safes was, Martin came up with an idea to try and tackle the issue of safe infiltration. 

His invention was BloXsafe™, a visible deterrent that allows the owner to create their own safe. It can be attached to safes, draws and cabinets to create a strongbox that the user has control over. In the unlikely event of unauthorised removal, the tamper proof design alerts the owner to the fact that their security has been compromised.


Our team worked with computer aided design to develop ideas and start drafting the first prototype of the BloXsafe ™. This mark 1 prototype proved the feasibility of the idea and concept. Martin and the D2M team had to make compromises on various parts of the product to ensure it was as functional as possible whilst maintaining cost effectiveness and aesthetics. For example various grip pads were tried in order to find the balance between maximum grip and the size of the product.

This first prototype had been produced in our design workshop and proved the concept and functionality of the idea. Further computer aided design led to the production of a presentation prototype. Once Martin was satisfied with this model, manufacturers were sourced. Brand refinery was then introduced into the development of the product to build up the brand identity and to help take the BloXsafe™ to market. The team’s work directly led Martin to proceed with confidence to sign off a substantial tooling charge based on a foundation of informed market interest.


The product has already received interest from two major luggage retailers. An in-flight magazine has agreed to promote the product with a number of major airlines. There has also been a stock request from the master distributor of the main competitor product in the USA. 

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