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Manufacture in China
manufacturing in China

About the guide

Looking for the right manufacturer to produce your product idea can be overwhelming. From picking whether to hire a freelancer or a product design company, to finding someone with experience in the right industry sector, it’s easy to waste time and money if you don’t have the right approach. Our expert-made PDF guide to choosing a manufacturer gives you the key information you need to make the jump into production.

Bring your product to life

Don’t let a lack of technical skills or lack of knowledge hold you back from turning your product vision into a reality. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, our PDF covers everything from the key considerations in choosing a manufacturer to the benefits of working with an experienced agent. With our guidance, you can mitigate risk and reduce costs while navigating the manufacturing and sampling process with confidence.

The Content

By the end of this guide you'll be confident about putting your product into production.

manufacture a product

Tooling & Setup

Understanding the need for tooling and how to ensure that you own the tools going forwards.

electronic product manufacturing

Testing and Certification

As the legal importer of the product you take responsibility for it being safe to use. Understand how to achieve this.

manufacturing a new product


Gold samples are critical for ensuring the quality of the final product. We take you through the process in this guide.

manufacturing in Far East

Red Flags to Avoid!

Unfortunately, there are some tricks, scams and cons but we flag these so you don't fall into the traps.

This part of the process is where your product really comes to life! It can be exciting, daunting, frustrating and infuriating all in one day. But with a cool head and some expert guidance your product will be manufactured correctly and you’ll be one big step closer to profiting from your idea.

You are not the first entrepreneur following this path. You will probably make some mistakes during this process. Learn from these, be reactive and don’t give-up! Depending on the type of product you may have to produce your goods in a foreign country to get a more competitive price. Duty rates, shipping costs cultural issues and communication all become challenges to overcome.

You will need organisation and patience. Your product has never been so close to the market. But prepare yourself to have to a few hiccups along the way!


  • Our tips for your production journey:
  • Get as much advice as you can
  • Be prepared and well planned
  • Dedicate time and don’t expect it to all go smoothly.
Manufacturing an idea
Manufacturing an idea

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Content Snapshot

We have identified 18 main stages of work from investigating compliance to the delivery of the product to the buyer that you are likely to progress through.

Each stage requires specific action and/or documents from your side or third parties involved to develop your product.
You are likely to have full legal responsibility for your product and consequently should ensure you are totally up to speed regarding compliance. In addition, it is wise to invest in product insurance.

Do not compromise on short cuts that would create bigger issues further down the line, than if treated at early stage. Bear in mind that often you will have to choose between quality, cost and the time to completion. Everyone wants a high quality, low cost product delivered tomorrow on a tight budget, but those things don’t go hand in hand!

Often you will have to choose which of those is most important to you.

The pdf guide is full of useful information like this, to help you make the right decisions throughout the production process. 

Make sure you download your copy today! 

The complete guide to manufacturing a new idea

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