Emma Charlesworth -
Senior Product Designer

About Emma

Emma is one of our senior product designers and can often be seen pushing her running buggy with her baby daughter and dragging the dog along behind!


Emma has 9 years experience in the product design industry including 4 years working at D2M. Emma previously worked at JMDA who design children’s car seats and was also involved in developing the Ark Pushchair. 

Biggest Project

Emma’s biggest and most proudest project was her involvement in Ark as she was fully immersed in the process from developing the product to getting it into production, to speaking to customers trying to sell it. It was a steep learning curve and a really great challenge. It was very exciting to have it being sold in John Lewis and now she gets to use a product she worked on for her own daughter! 

Most Enjoyable Part of Being A Product Designer 

The end result! There’s nothing more enjoyable than designing a product that is  tangible. Emma loves the end product and feels proud  when she can see all the hard work has paid off.

“It is a great feeling when something you have worked on is out there being sold and used.”

Interesting Fact

Emma once lived in a caravan on her driveway while her and her husband renovated their house! 

Selling a new product to retailer
Ark in John Lewis

Projects Emma has worked on

Below are just a few of the different products Emma has designed, developed and prototyped. 

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Emma Charlesworth -
Senior Product Designer