Designing Rucksacks

An introduction to designing rucksacks. 

Are you tired of using an old-styled rucksack? Looking for something creative? Unable to find it? Here you will get familiar with what you need to do in order to design a new innovative rucksack. Designing a new rucksack idea, is an exciting process. Today’s rucksack market is diversified and saturated so there’s a need to create a new, innovative rucksacks that will cut through the current market.

Assessing the Viability

In the beginning, it seems very easy to come up with a new idea, but is it viable? Before you get into the nitty-gritty of the design phase, a good approach is to find out that whether your particular idea is viable enough to proceed with first.

In order to decide if the development of your new rucksack design is achievable, it is useful to answer the following questions:

1. What need does this rucksack fulfil?
2. What is the potential market if there’s any?
3. How much will it cost to develop the product? Here it’s important to take into consideration, not just the materials and technology but any professional services that might need to be hired, plus the time it will take.
4. Taking the previous information into account, what would be the minimum price of the product? Can the targeted consumer afford it?
5. Are there any similar rucksack/backpack products already on the market? If yes, who are your competitors and what makes your product different from theirs?

It is also crucial to answer these questions based on real data and not on personal perceptions which is why it might be a good option to bring on board other specialised professionals, such as market researchers.

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Idea to Business

Concept Design

Once the viability of the project has been assessed, it’s time to start designing and drawing up some concept ideas of your rucksack. 

This is the moment when it will most probably be necessary to find and hire a product designer or a product development company that has the necessary skills and team to take the original idea and transform it into a proper marketable product.

If you are not familiar with the concept development process for a rucksack product here’s a basic guide:

1. Every process starts with a brief that focuses on the target market. This is who the design is for.
2. Extensive research of similar products, technologies and materials necessary.
3. Sketching the product taking into account the overall aesthetics of the product.
4. Considering the usability of the sports product.
5. More specific and detailed designs that show the materials, parts and possible mechanical or electronic adjustments.

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