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An introduction to manufacturing new golf products.

Golf product manufacturing is not an easy thing. In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have the right team to help you. It is one of the last steps in the product development journey and you are really close to seeing your idea become a real product.

You are bound to find some challenges in the way of producing new golf products, which is why we offer our experienced professionals to help you and guide you through this step.

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How to start new golf product production

The very first step in the manufacturing stage is choosing a suitable and cost-effective factory that will be able to fabricate the product.

As an experienced agency, our team at D2M is prepared to give you a list of options and help you partner up with the most suitable manufacturers in the UK and abroad.

Producing golf products in the UK

Teaming up with a manufacturer in the UK offers several advantages. You will be able to negotiate any production terms more directly with the factory probably face to face. You can also more easily research the company before hand, to make sure that they adhere to your ideal partner.

However, depending on the type of product (for example, textile-based products), manufacturing new golf products in the UK might even be impossible, since some factories don’t work with certain materials. It is also more expensive to produce in the UK.

Manufacturing golf products in the Far East

If necessary, it is possible to select a factory in the Far East in order to produce your new golf products in the most cost-effective way.

Producing abroad is usually a cheaper option, but you will have to take into account other aspects that will affect your product’s price – shipping costs and duty rates, for example. You will also have to consider there might be a language barrier with the factory.

If you choose manufacturing new golf products abroad, an interesting solution to consider is hiring a sourcing agent who will act as middle person.  Click here if you would like to learn more about sourcing agents and manufacturing products abroad.

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Producing samples of a golf product

Before you place your production order, the factory will create a sample of the golf product. This is not to be mistaken with a prototype. The goal of a prototype is to test the product concept while the objective of a sample is to test the factory.

With this sample you can check if the materials are of good quality, if the finishes are what you expected and, in general, if the factory is a good fit. You will probably be charged for each sample that you order but take into account that being able to identify problems before placing an order saves a lot of money later.

You might also need to spend some extra money if the product requires creating any specific mould tools. This might happen if your golf product is made of plastic or metal.

If you are manufacturing new golf products which are textile-based, a sample will help you identify things that might need changing, such as the colours, the fabrics or the stitching technique used.

Finally, you will achieve the final sample, called a “gold sample”. With this sample you can check every single unit produced.

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