Focus Groups

Ensuring you receive unbiased and constructive feedback directly from your target audience before finalising the development of your product.

Conducting successful focus groups

Focus groups are the best way to gain valuable, actionable insight into your product. They allow people to physically see, touch and use your product. This enables us to not only receive written feedback like you would from surveys, but to also witness the users initial, physical reactions to your product. Focus groups are extremely useful when it comes to enhancing or changing your product based on actual user experience.

Focus groups can be used in a variety of stages in new product development, including concept testing, prototype testing, product usage tests and final product testing. In each of these stages, focus groups provide the ability to test the waters before you fully commit to an idea. This can lead to considerable cost savings, and ultimately disastrous product development choices.

Focus Groups
Focus Group
Focus Groups

The benefits of using focus groups

The benefits of using focus groups are endless! Conducting a focus group should be used as a vital stage when developing a new product to increase your chances of launching a successful, viable product on the market. We have outlined a list of key benefits of using focus groups. 

  • Significantly reduces risk and provides reassurance.
  • Provide fast turnaround time for acquiring knowledge. Don’t have to wait weeks to receive feedback like surveys. 
  • Confirms the design details and decisions ensuring that the final product has the best chance of commercial success.
  • Excellent for gathering customer attitudes and reactions from external customers using your products.
  • Can uncover unsuspected problems and solutions.

Let us help you bring your new product to market.

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